Waiting List Management Software

RevoList’s Built in Application Pool and Common Application allows applicants to submit their application by computer, smart phone or tablet to any agency, any program, and any property… with one application.

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Software Integration

RevoListTM is working with other housing softwares to implement exports to their software and ensure the proper transfer of our data to their system.
We will work with you to export data to your housing software.
API Development is currently in the works to streamline the transfer process

Common Application &
Shared Waiting Lists

RevoListTM is the first waiting list software that has a common application built in. Housing agencies may set up shared waiting lists within their own housing programs or may collaborate with other agencies. Applicants can submit their common application to all types of housing programs and waiting lists. Our current Centralized Waiting List clients include the states of Maine, Massachusetts, and Utah.

Waiting List Updates

Your agency will never have to complete an update or purge the waiting list again. Our multi-step method allows your agency to set their waiting list update preferences, view the responsiveness of applicants on the waiting list, and remove those that are unresponsive or no longer interested.

Applicant Profiles and Data

Applications can be arranged into groups of priority and within each group a series. Every applicant has their own profile page which gives quick access to important information on the applicant. When an application has a determination made by the user and an alert will be sent to the applicant notifying them of their current status.


Agencies can create and customize waiting lists with unique sets of rules and conditions based on the guidelines laid out by their local policy. Each waiting list can be ranked within a priority group by either First In-First-Out (FIFO) or lottery-based systems. Customizable scheduling allows agencies to set the opening, closing, and eligibility requirements for the specific program waiting list.

New! Full Applications

Agencies can seamlessly switch between Pre-Applications and Full Applications, streamlining workflows and ensuring a standardized approach. Families enjoy the convenience of auto-populated information, reducing the number of fields they need to fill out.

Added benefits of RevoList


Ensure that your housing agency remains compliant with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


Export data from other software providers and eliminate duplicate applications.


Our team of trained housing professionals take all the calls from applicants.


Save your agency time and money.

RevoList™ Partners

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"Individuals and families often submit separate applications for various housing programs, and it’s difficult to keep track. They feel more comfortable when they know what’s going on with their applications.

The AffordableHousing.com platform reduces confusion and burden; with RevoList, families appreciate the convenience of one central place to search for open wait list, find affordable housing opportunities, and access to more detailed information on PHA’s and their programs. And the more information an applicant has, the more able they are to make the right choice for them and their families."

Donna Brown-Rego,
Executive Director
The Massachusetts Chapter of NAHRO (MassNAHRO)

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